In the background, the sounds of crowds, bells, birds, carts, and horses fade in Welcome to the interactive component of ‘Accessing Anna: A Sensory Experience of the Casa dei Catecumani’. To reflect the sense emphasized by the author (and likely the editors) of this text, this experience is audio only. If possible, please use headphonesContinue reading “Introduction”

The Ghetto- Removal

Original Diary Entry Without warning, on the 20th of April, 1749, at the end of the Passover Festival, Sunday, at about 17 hours, I was kidnapped and taken away by force thanks to a false denunciation made against my family by a scoundrel [rash’a] […] I was totally innocent, but he tricked the Vice RegentContinue reading “The Ghetto- Removal”

Day 13- The Release

Original Diary Entry Friday (the thirteenth day), at 16 hours (11:00 AM) the Father Curate returned. […] I {told him} that from the first, I had set my mind on going back to my parents. This was impossible, he said. The Cardinal has decided I would have to remain for two or three quarantines, untilContinue reading “Day 13- The Release”

Credits and References

Voice Actors (In Order of Appearance) Ariana Ellis Alexander Sarra-Davis Elizabeth Rouget Adrian de Leon Kia Dunn David Sutton Shane Ellis Kielan Ellis Ashkan Salehi Eric Schuppert Background sounds performed by the cast Music and Sound Effects Youtube: ‘Rome Bells’ by quintman007 ‘Sunday Morning Church Bells’ in Rome by ZakkaVideos ‘Rome Church Bells’ byContinue reading “Credits and References”

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