The Remonstrations- Days 2-4

Original Diary Entry It was the next (the second) morning. I arose and trusted myself to God. (Another priest, called) the Padre Curato, came and began to preach […] The third day, a Tuesday, the Archpriest of San Celso began again to preach a new sermon […] The fourth day, the same preacher arrived withContinue reading “The Remonstrations- Days 2-4”

The Remonstrations- Day 12

Original Diary Entry Thursday, the twelfth day. Three priests appeared to {interrogate her further} […] The Padre Predicatore and the Prioress again appeared about the 21st hour (4:00 PM), at whose sight I froze from head to toe. “My child,” he began, “you see how many times I have visited you for the good ofContinue reading “The Remonstrations- Day 12”

Credits and References

Voice Actors (In Order of Appearance) Ariana Ellis Alexander Sarra-Davis Elizabeth Rouget Adrian de Leon Kia Dunn David Sutton Shane Ellis Kielan Ellis Ashkan Salehi Eric Schuppert Background sounds performed by the cast Music and Sound Effects Youtube: ‘Rome Bells’ by quintman007 ‘Sunday Morning Church Bells’ in Rome by ZakkaVideos ‘Rome Church Bells’ byContinue reading “Credits and References”